1. Cardiovascular Training. This is especially important since it deals with the fitness of our most vital organ, the heart.  Scientists and fitness experts tell us that a healthy heart must be exercised through aerobic activity.  This will significantly increase cardiovascular fitness, give you the stamina to carry you through your entire workout, and allow you to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time.  In order to do this the resting heart rate should be elevated through aerobic activity to a level that is challenging and even leaves you breathless at times. 

2. Weight Training.  We believe our members should do resistance training on a consistent basis!  This will increase your metabolism, which allows you to burn calories at a higher rate, even on the days when you’re not working out.  Cardio can’t do this for you!  It isn’t necessary to do hours and hours of weight training; the most important thing is to learn how to train correctly, since this guarantees the most effectiveness, and makes your training as safe as possible.  The secret to fitness is consistency, and always doing just the right exercises each time you come in.

3. Proper Food Intake.  We believe in a balanced and intellectual approach to eating: the proper amounts of the right types of foods.  Most people don’t realize that all the exercise in the world will not matter if you are not eating correctly… but we don’t want you to feel like you are on a “diet”.  It’s important to understand that in order for the body to burn fat, an energy deficit must be created.  This means that the number of calories eaten, or energy in, must be less than the number of calories burned, or energy out.  It’s also important to know the proper percentages of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, so you have plenty of energy throughout the day. 

4. Supplementation.  It is our experience that most people have a very limited understanding of supplements, such as the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that they should be taking.  You may know that research has shown that it is almost impossible to get all of our nutrients just from food, and when someone is training, nutrients are even more important.  In order to lose weight, it’s necessary to reduce calories – which mean fewer nutrients, but due to exercise, we’re using them up even quicker than before.  You have to get the proper building blocks into your system, without all the calories, and that’s why the proper supplementation is so important. 

5. Accountability Through Classes and Personal Training. This provides ongoing education and motivation.  Most Americans know that they must exercise in order to lead a healthy and productive life but most still do not do it.  Even more frustration is experienced by those who have taken the first step to physical fitness, and have begun to exercise, but without really knowing what they are doing.  Instead of accomplishing positive results, they end up hurting themselves or simply lose interest because of lack of results from their efforts.  We only hire the best educated, certified coaches, instructors and personal trainers to help you every step the way.